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Welcome to the Official Table of Contents for DaCrowster Blog!

The content of this table consist of wood

The contents of this table consist of wood.

Category pages are linked as they appear


  1. Grace Gospel: If you read anything, read the posts under this category. Each describes a different aspect of God’s awesome plan of salvation from sin. Primarily it focuses on the progression of justification, sanctification, and glorification; however, over the course of time (hint hint), you’ll find posts dedicated to outlying topics like assurance, eternal security, views of the atonement, the resurrection, etc..

  2. Practical Piety: Here will be post pertaining to the working out of faith in everyday situations. While the potato sack “Grace Gospel” deals with what the doctrinal truth of our faith, this one deals how to actively live that truth. You might find insights on how to deal with adversity or temptations, how to share the gospel, what a God centered relationship looks like, etc…

  3. Musical Musing: Unfortunately, I am not a musically gifted person, but I love listening to all kinds of music. There are certain Christian bands that have continually helped me through times of spiritual frustration or certain temptations. Their lyrics capture Biblical truth and their tunes makes them easy to remember. I want share the joy they have given me. Thus, each post in this category will give a brief history of a Christian band, an overview of their style, how they have helped me grow spiritually, and maybe my favorite song, album, band member or whatever else I feel like sharing. I cannot promise these post will sound “musically sophisticated” as I am no expert in the field of music. These won’t be critical reviews, but just my honest opinions. (I realize there is a kind of nomenclature debate, whether to label particular bands as merely “Christian” or as a “worship” band, “praise” band, or just a secular band with “Christian themes”. I’ll probably stick to generally calling all the bands as Christian and try to label them individually in the same way they label themselves. That sounds fair. I don’t foresee myself posting anything too weird, so no worries.)

  4. Raving Reviews: Hollywood sometimes attempts to make movies with spiritual themes, whether by honestly trying to recreating Biblical epics or using the big screen to poke fun at Christianity. Sometimes movie producers do a good job, while other times they embarrass themselves. This category will be my attempt to critically review any movies that I feel are relevant to my overall theme of “simple Biblical Christianity”.

  5. Sincere Societal Sins: The grapevine can get prickly. Here I’ll highlight the injustices of society through various news articles I come across. I envision this category as touching on topics like abortion, human trafficking, racial discrimination, greed, etc… I’ll use Scripture to give us a sense of how God feels about each issue. I will try to also post some ideas on how you can get personally get involved in a solution.

  6. Poetry Posts: I love writing. I try to experiment with different styles and art forms. This category consist of the some of the best of all that potato mush. Most of my poems are self-explanatory, but, if need be, I’ll provide some background or commentary. They all relate to the Christian faith somehow. I’ve never taken a creative writing class, so I am mostly self-taught in this field. Thus, they are all mushy potatoes 🙂 .

  7. Hellish Heretics: The world is full of false teachers, many of whom make their way into the Church. This category will take a look through history at some of the most infamous peddlers of Biblical deception. I might include some more contemporary heretics as well. I’ll give a brief overview of the person and their associated heresy. Then I’ll direct us to Scripture to see the truth and why it’s relevant. I don’t mean to step on anyone’s toes with this category. I’ll leave that God.

  8. Random Rants: These nuggets of spiritual insight don’t fit nicely into any where else. Maybe I’ll find a way to group some of them into a new category, but for now they are just special.

  9. Nitwit News: If there is a specific reason why I won’t be posting for a given time (out of town, computer problems, etc…), then I’ll try to let you know through this category. For those local to my area, I might also advertise ministries of my church



2 Responses to Table of Contents

  1. Ed Schneider says:

    Glad to have on-board this Gospel Train. Peace…Pastor Ed


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